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Some Farm Stories

Jane Bryant
Office Manager
  • Jane Bryant is our Office Manager.
  • She has done most jobs on the farm since joining us 20 years ago, but is now responsible for all sales and purchase ledgers and office administration.
  • Both Jane’s sons have worked here as a stepping stone in their careers.
Tom Pearson
Farms Director
  • Tom Pearson is the Farms Director. He has overall responsibility for all the crops we grow.
  • Tom first came to us in his sandwich year from Harper Adams University where he gained a degree in Agriculture.
  • Tom is a keen rugby player.
Ligita Nociute
HR Officer
  • Ligita Nociute first came here 12 years ago and then joined us fulltime on graduation. Ligita is qualified in Employment Relations, Law and Practice from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and speaks six languages.
  • She is responsible for recruitment, training, health and safety, and staff welfare.
  • In her spare time Ligita enjoys photography and has taken many of the pictures on this website.
Julie Bond
  • Julie Bond first joined the farm as a strawberry picker when her children were young.
  • Julie is now one of our most experienced supervisors and works year round on all husbandry tasks as well as the harvest.
  • She particularly enjoys working with the many young people who come to the farm each year.
Marek Gronowski
Operations Manager
  • Marek has a degree in agriculture, and first came to farm to pick fruit.
  • Fluent in three languages, he is now responsible for all soft fruit operations on the farm.
  • Thanks to Marek, Mereworth Primary School pupils now have their own polytunnel to learn about growing.
Tomasz Kleina
Harvest Manager
  • Tom is our Harvest Manager, responsible for all our picking teams through the summer season.
  • He first came as a student in 2000 to pick strawberries.
  • Together with Tom Lewandowski, he is responsible for the day-to-day marketing of thousands of tonnes of berries.
Aneliya Manoilova
  • Aneliya came to Hugh Lowe Farms as a student in 2005. She first worked as strawberry picker. She remembers being amazed of how diverse and multilingual the team was.
  • She has undertaken several roles on the farm. While still working as a Packhouse Line Leader she studied Production Horticulture degree at Hadlow College and now is responsible for the farm at Wested.
Tomasz Lewandowski
Packhouse Manager
  • Tom is our Packhouse Manager. He has overall responsibility for packaging, quality control and making sure the fruit is packed to our customers orders and specifications.
  • Tom first came to us during his summer breaks from Poznan University of Life Sciences in Poland where he gained a degree in Biotechnology.
Philip Epps
Skilled tractor driver
  • Born in Mereworth, Philip Epps has worked on the farm since he was sixteen. He started as a fruit picker and now is a skilled tractor driver. Phil is particularly knowledgeable about wildlife on the farm.
  • Three generations of Philip’s close family have worked here in different responsible roles.
Paul Baseden
Farm Foreman
  • Paul Baseden is a skilled mechanic and a tractor driver, Farms Foreman responsible for the farm machinery and vehicles.
  • Paul also grows the arable crops which rotate with the soft fruit.
  • He is a keen countryman who enjoys shooting and walking his dogs.
Chris Richer-Smith
Workshop Assistant
  • After meeting us at the Hadlow College Careers Fair, Chris joined HLF as a workshop technician when he graduated with a Level 3 diploma in Land-based Technology.
  • When growing up Chris loved diggers, tractors and other machinery.
  • Chris also likes scuba diving, festival going, and catching up with friends.