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HLF Essence

1. Who We Are & What We Do

Hugh Lowe Farms Ltd. is a family-owned farming company established over 120 years ago. With 700ha of mixed soft fruit/arable fields, we are one of the largest independent berry growers in the UK. Field harvesting runs from May through to October with our glasshouse further extending the season with high quality berries.

All our berries are chilled, packed and labelled in our own packhouse. Excellent refrigeration and automated packing lines, and good transport links make it a highly effective facility which ensures we continue to meet the high standards demanded by our customers. We are founder members of the berry growers marketing cooperative Berry Gardens, (formerly Kentish Garden).

We supply major supermarkets locally and nationally, and London markets as well as caterers, restaurants, farm shops and stalls. We have also supplied all the strawberries for the world famous Wimbledon tennis championships through Compass, the catering company, for over 20 years.

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2. Where We Are


Kent – the "Garden of England" - is famous for its wonderful, fresh and flavoursome soft fruit and other fine produce.

The sunny, south facing slopes, free-draining soils and sheltering hedges create ideal conditions to grow berries. Our woodlands, hedges and windbreaks are homes to a range of wildlife and flora, and our many beehives ensure our crops and nearby wildflowers buzz with activity on warm days.

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3. What We Strive For

Mission - To produce top quality berries whilst farming responsibly

We Believe In
1. Fairness 2. Passion for quality and productivity 3. Competence and professionalism 4. Willingness to learn from others 5. Sustainability
4. How We Do It
Responsible farming

Hugh Lowe Farms Ltd is committed to managing land and producing food in an environmentally responsible manner, compliant with all regulatory and legislative requirements

Our policy is to:
  1. Enhance the landscape and wildlife value of the farm
  2. Reduce waste, sending no plastic waste to landfill
  3. Optimise energy efficiency
  4. Optimise water use efficiency
  5. Use integrated crop management for crop protection
  6. Protect beneficial insects especially bees and other pollinators
  7. Protect and enhance our soils and to use sustainable substrates
  8. Protect human health through our health & safety and customer care policies
  9. Maximise local sales so we can reduce the food miles our berries travel
  10. Make this a great place to work and to build a career in farming
Our policy is to:

We aim to delight our customers with the quality, availability, provenance and sustainability of our fruit.

We are accredited to many respected quality standards including Assured Produce, and Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF). For futher details see Also, our location means we can supply truly 'local' berries to London and Kent - see